Before learning of Becky as a doula we had met Becky briefly and instantly felt a connection with her. But it wasn’t until we were driving to lunch a month or so later and after getting a few of our recommended classes under our belt that I asked my other half who he envisioned with us during our 1st birth. We knew we wanted a calm quiet and relaxing atmosphere at home and so far on our list was me, him and our midwife. We knew nothing about doulas and thought we didn’t need one but we felt something was missing. When he answered the question after a long pause he said “Becky. I see Becky there.” I couldn’t have been happier! Not only for me but I wanted nothing more than someone he trusted to help him when I was in labor so he wasn’t alone in this process either. I contacted Becky and it was the best decision that instantly put us both at ease. I can’t imagine my life or any future birth without Becky and her knowledge & support. I still feel her calming presence whenever I think of the day I delivered my son. When I needed someone in that moment Becky was there & never left me. She was my rock and hand holder I never knew I needed! She knew key words that were reassuring and not alarming, she knew what was happening before I could process it and she was the calming force my other half needed when he didn’t understand what I was enduring. Knowing she had both of us under control allowed me to focus on staying calm during my labor. She was there for me with all my lactation questions and made sure my sons first latch was perfect. She deeply loves what she does and it is very clear she was put on this earth to be doing exactly this! I wish at every major life event I could have Becky by my side! She is a huge part of our family and our first memories of our son and if we have another baby she will be the first person I call to make sure she can be there with us again. I strongly believe no matter what birth experience you want everyone needs a caring gifted soul like Becky.

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