In the moments when I needed to muster every molecule of strength, calm, and power in my body, Becky was there calmly and confidently reassuring me. Even when the creeping negativity demons started to crawl out of the deep insecurities of my mind chanting “this is too hard” and “you can’t,” Becky slayed each one like a valiant, fearless hero. She absolutely believed in me and my ability to birth my baby, making it impossible for me not to believe in myself. Becky’s presence was a shining beacon of light and love, guiding me to reach inside myself and conjure up my inner light and strength.

The midwife was handling the technical business of the delivery but Becky was handling the mental and emotional aspects, which, I can assure you after birthing three babies, is the biggest piece of the puzzle. I could not imagine a better doula to have guided me through this amazing experience. She is genuine, positive, and incredibly loving. The support during pregnancy, including any questions or concerns, was astounding. She responded quickly to every text, call or email and I always felt like her first priority. Having Becky on your team is like gaining a new best friend who is incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and babies.

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