Kent is now 2 months old and we are in a great rhythm with breastfeeding!  I am so thankful to you for helping us get off to a great start!  As a second time mom I felt much more at ease about nursing this time but I was still rather baffled by the conflicting advice I got from the “professionals” around me when he was first born.  I found that Kent’s pediatrician, the nurses at the hospital, friends, etc all had different answers to the questions I had about proper latch techniques, relieving engorgement, regulating supply, healing painful nipples, and whether and when to wake the baby to eat.  I knew plenty about what *not* to do since I had such a difficult time nursing my 1st child at first, but I didn’t know exactly how to correct those mistakes this time around.  You patiently listened to my concerns and gave me a number of ideas to consider each time I had a question.  Your careful explinations over email and over the phone helped so much and you gave me the confidence to trust myself.  Now, 2 months in, I am no longer struggling with any supply issues, I have no pain, and Kent is growing wonderfully!  Thank you for everything!

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