Becky is an incredible doula. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I sought to assemble my birth “dream team”. My first labor had been very long and even though I wanted an unmedicated, out-of-hospital birth, I ended up having cesarean surgery. I knew I wanted to do everything possible to increase my chances of having a successful VBAC. Becky knew my story and understood my fears. She listened to my concerns and was not dismissive.

When I went into labor, she managed my labor with quiet conviction. She helped me change positions to keep the labor progressing, while providing emotional support and keeping me physically comfortable. I followed each of her suggestions without question, and each time we made her recommended adjustment, I felt the labor progress. When it was time to push, she made a simple suggestion to change how I was breathing and the change made each push feel so much more productive. Becky helped make my dream of having an unmedicated, out-of-hospital VBAC a reality, and for that, I am forever grateful to her.  After our daughter was born, Becky checked in on us for the next several weeks. She provided breastfeeding support to help us get started, but also answered some questions and provided suggestions when we hit a little bump in the breastfeeding road.  If you are committed to having an unmedicated birth, I highly recommend Becky Leonard as a doula.

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