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"Becky is an incredible doula. When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, I sought to assemble my birth “dream team”. My first labor had been very long and even though I wanted an unmedicated, out-of-hospital birth, I ended up having cesarean surgery. I knew I wanted to do everything possible to increase my chances of having a successful VBAC. Becky knew my story and understood my fears. She listened to my concerns and was not dismissive. When I went into labor, she managed my labor with quiet conviction. She helped me change positions to keep the labor progressing, while providing emotional support and keeping me physically comfortable. I followed each of her suggestions without question, and each time we made her recommended adjustment, I felt the labor progress. When it was time to push, she made a simple suggestion to change how I was breathing and the change made each push feel so much more productive. Becky helped make my dream of having an unmedicated, out-of-hospital VBAC a reality, and for that, I am forever grateful to her.  After our daughter was born, Becky checked in on us for the next several weeks. She provided breastfeeding support to help us get started, but also answered some questions and provided suggestions when we hit a little bump in the breastfeeding road.  If you are committed to having an unmedicated birth, I highly recommend Becky Leonard as a doula." -Lisa, mama of two

"Kent is now 2 months old and we are in a great rhythm with breastfeeding!  I am so thankful to you for helping us get off to a great start!  As a second time mom I felt much more at ease about nursing this time but I was still rather baffled by the conflicting advice I got from the “professionals” around me when he was first born.  I found that Kent’s pediatrician, the nurses at the hospital, friends, etc all had different answers to the questions I had about proper latch techniques, relieving engorgement, regulating supply, healing painful nipples, and whether and when to wake the baby to eat.  I knew plenty about what *not* to do since I had such a difficult time nursing my 1st child at first, but I didn’t know exactly how to correct those mistakes this time around.  You patiently listened to my concerns and gave me a number of ideas to consider each time I had a question.  Your careful explinations over email and over the phone helped so much and you gave me the confidence to trust myself.  Now, 2 months in, I am no longer struggling with any supply issues, I have no pain, and Kent is growing wonderfully!  Thank you for everything!" -Mama of two precious kiddos

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"Before learning of Becky as a doula we had met Becky briefly and instantly felt a connection with her. But it wasn’t until we were driving to lunch a month or so later and after getting a few of our recommended classes under our belt that I asked my other half who he envisioned with us during our 1st birth. We knew we wanted a calm quiet and relaxing atmosphere at home and so far on our list was me, him and our midwife. We knew nothing about doulas and thought we didn’t need one but we felt something was missing. When he answered the question after a long pause he said “Becky. I see Becky there.” I couldn’t have been happier! Not only for me but I wanted nothing more than someone he trusted to help him when I was in labor so he wasn’t alone in this process either. I contacted Becky and it was the best decision that instantly put us both at ease. I can’t imagine my life or any future birth without Becky and her knowledge & support. I still feel her calming presence whenever I think of the day I delivered my son. When I needed someone in that moment Becky was there & never left me. She was my rock and hand holder I never knew I needed! She knew key words that were reassuring and not alarming, she knew what was happening before I could process it and she was the calming force my other half needed when he didn’t understand what I was enduring. Knowing she had both of us under control allowed me to focus on staying calm during my labor. She was there for me with all my lactation questions and made sure my sons first latch was perfect. She deeply loves what she does and it is very clear she was put on this earth to be doing exactly this! I wish at every major life event I could have Becky by my side! She is a huge part of our family and our first memories of our son and if we have another baby she will be the first person I call to make sure she can be there with us again. I strongly believe no matter what birth experience you want everyone needs a caring gifted soul like Becky." -Tricia – mama to an amazing baby

"I loved Becky…she was perfect during our birth." -Mama of a gorgeous baby girl

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"We reached out to Becky because our baby girl Scarlett wasn’t gaining enough weight. I exclusively breastfeed her– and I wanted to keep  it that way– but her doctor told us that we needed start supplementing and meet with a lactation consultant, thinking maybe I had a low milk supply. I felt inadequate as a mother because I couldn’t feed my own baby enough to keep her at a healthy weight. I remembered my friend raving about Becky, so I contacted Becky online begging, her to help us figure out the issue! By God’s grace she was able to consult with us the next night. She came over to our house and the moment I saw her, I felt a huge sense of relief. She is so personable, sweet, and genuinely caring, and Scarlett loved her right away too! She immediately identified the problem: Scarlett wasn’t finishing her meal! Becky explained that Scarlett was not get the fatty milk at the end of her feedings, hence her low weight gain. Becky knew that we wanted to avoid supplementing with formula– no matter how “natural”– if at all possible. So, in conjunction with our wishes, she gave me a very specific feeding plan which allowed me to supplement with my own milk! I was ecstatic and hopeful, and the plan worked beautifully! We now have a healthy, chubby little baby girl!!! My husband and I are so thankful for Becky’s help; she turned everything around for us with her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is supportive, encouraging, and reassuring, all of which inspired me to keep my focus and trust that everything was going to be okay. Thank you SO much Becky, we love you and all that you have done for our family!!!" -Amanda M, Scarlett’s mama

"Tonight’s class was invaluable! Thank you for taking the time to put your heart, souls, and sense of humor into this class.  It was so much fun and worth every moment. I loved it! Looking forward additional classes!" -Expectant mama of a precious baby girl

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"In the moments when I needed to muster every molecule of strength, calm, and power in my body, Becky was there calmly and confidently reassuring me. Even when the creeping negativity demons started to crawl out of the deep insecurities of my mind chanting “this is too hard” and “you can’t,” Becky slayed each one like a valiant, fearless hero. She absolutely believed in me and my ability to birth my baby, making it impossible for me not to believe in myself. Becky’s presence was a shining beacon of light and love, guiding me to reach inside myself and conjure up my inner light and strength. The midwife was handling the technical business of the delivery but Becky was handling the mental and emotional aspects, which, I can assure you after birthing three babies, is the biggest piece of the puzzle. I could not imagine a better doula to have guided me through this amazing experience. She is genuine, positive, and incredibly loving. The support during pregnancy, including any questions or concerns, was astounding. She responded quickly to every text, call or email and I always felt like her first priority. Having Becky on your team is like gaining a new best friend who is incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and babies." -Jen W, mama of three

"Becky is an accomplished doula.  My students who have worked with her are ecstatic about the care they received.  They tell me time after time, “We could not have done it without her!”  Becky is tireless and caring and does not hesitate to go the extra mile for each and every one of her clients.  I refer my students to her with great confidence because I know they will be in extremely knowledgeable, caring, supportive hands." -Nicole Green, AAHCC

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"As a doula Becky went above and beyond with how much she knew the mamma and continued to give her suggestions and encouragement throughout her entire labor.  She was very attentive and anticipated the couple’s needs.  Truly an honor to have her as a part of the birth team!" -Certified Nurse Midwife at South Coast Midwifery

"Becky, you are my angel!  Thank you so much for helping bring our baby boy into our lives.  I would not have been able to do it without you!  His birth was amazing and we credit you…love you with all our hearts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Mamma of a beautiful baby boy

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