Hello Mama’s!

Candlelight, delicious smells, soft music playing in the background. Sounds a lot like the perfect ambiance to get pregnant—wink wink! Actually it is the perfect ambiance to help you birth your precious baby!

When you are in your labor time you may not know that you become very sensitive to environmental changes—lighting, sounds, smells, etc. Any shift for these in a negative way can make you feel nervous or fearful and ultimately slow labor progress. Here are some doula insights on how to set the perfect ambiance for your labor room:

  • Candles! Get the flameless kind(don’t want to set anything on fire) and place them throughout the room. The gentle twinkling can be so calming for the mama but also changes the look and feel of the room. When there are candles lit you will notice that anyone who enters the room will shift to a calmer energy.
  • Hospital rooms don’t necessarily smell all that fabulous—change that! Decide on some of your favorite smells and get some essential oils in those smells. The top three in labor seem to be lavender, orange and peppermint. Diffuse them or put them on cloths throughout the room and it will smell amazing in no time.
  • The gowns they give you to wear in the hospital are anything but attractive. They definitely serve their practical purpose but are normally not super soft and comfy. Different maternity boutiques(my fav is Xpecting Maternity in Costa Mesa—and they ship if you are not in SoCal!) carry birthing gowns that are cute, comfortable and functional.
  • Don’t forget your pillow! Nothing makes you feel more at home than your pillow. Trust me, you will rest better with it.

If you are not having a home birth, making your hospital or birth center room, feel more like home can make a HUGE difference!

Lots of love and happy birthing!



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