Hello Mama’s!

What I am going to say may surprise you as you are embarking on your own breastfeeding journey…sometimes its not all about the boob. I have the incredible fortune of being able to support women in the earliest days of their motherhood journey. I am normally called in to help with breastfeeding support to make sure the mama and baby are on the right track—but quickly I realize that the support I provide needs to go far beyond positioning and latch.

Early motherhood can be so overwhelming and fear can creep in. The fear normally sounds something like this, “am I doing it right,” “is the baby ok,” “how badly am I messing this up.” I want you to know that it is NORMAL to feel all of these feelings—and it is normal to let it out.

One of my beautiful clients handmade me a gorgeous keepsake where she hand stitched the words, “you’re doing it.”  During her birth and early mommyhood, right when she felt like she couldn’t do it anymore I encouraged her by reminding her that she is, in fact, doing it.

We have a tendency to look primarily at the technical side of the post-partum journey, and often forget that this is the biggest emotional transition of our lives. Sometimes it’s not all about the boob. My encouragement to you today is to take some beautiful big deep breaths and know that “You’re doing it!” Your baby is so incredibly blessed to have you as their mama. You are enough.

So much love and hugs your way today!


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