Hello Mama’s!

Plans, plans and more plans! Lately I have noticed an uptick in conversation about all of the plans mamas and papas-to-be have for their impending arrival. They meticulously research the perfect organic nursery, the first outfit, the babies unique(but not too unique) moniker, maybe even get on a preschool waiting list! All of this is wonderful, and definitely a parenting right of passage, but there is one plan that seems to be missing—the plan that will actually bring this baby into this world and make all of the other plans possible—The Birth Plan!

In a class or during a one on one meeting with clients I always ask them about their birth plan—and by in large when I do, I am greeted with a confused expression followed by the question, “what is that?” Parents-to-be have likely chosen the perfect birth location and a doctor or midwife they trust and that is when the birth planning stage stops. They don’t realize that the birth is not on auto pilot and there are actually still quite a lot of decisions to make and put yourself in the drivers seat around how the birth will happen—and how you can make it your ideal birth.

For example:

  • Do you want an epidural or are you going for an au-natural birth?
  • Would you like to have music playing during your delivery?
  • In the event of a cesarean birth is it important to you to have your baby with you as soon as possible so that you can have the all-important skin-to-skin time?
  • What are your thoughts on the Hep-B vaccine?

I highly recommend setting aside an evening, with a cup of tea, your partner or support person, and your computer and make a date with your birth plan. At the very least it will be a great date together, and at the most it will break open dialogue around the impending birth!

As my gift to you, I have linked to The Birth Plan template that I give to all of my clients. It is written as if you want a completely natural, non-intervention birth—and that’s on purpose! It makes you see what things you will encounter at the hospital or midwifery and what options you have.

Try your best to keep it to one page(the staff will thank you) and then print 5 copies on colored paper and stick it in your birth bag—you will be so happy you have it!

Lots of love and happy birthing!



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