Let me tell you about an amazing place right in the heart of Orange County– South Coast Midwifery.  I was honored on Sunday to attend and doula the birth of a beautiful baby girl, born in the water, and delivered by her daddy.  This birth was a humbling, invigorating and inspiring experience from beginning to end all because of the graceful wisdom and expertise of Lorri Walker, Certified Nurse Midwife, and an unprecedented staff, who allowed this mommy to give birth in a peaceful, supported and safe way.  I cannot believe that growing up in Orange County I had no idea this type of birth experience was even possible.  I, like so many mommies my age, thought that you get pregnant, find a doctor, and have a baby in a hospital– that was the order of things.  In no way is this post to discourage hospital birth– they are necessary for so many women and are the perfect place for many to deliver– this post is intended to show you that there is another way to give birth.  I have been interning at SCM for a few weeks and find myself continually impressed by their professionalism and expertise– I guess I thought that birth centers were for people who were not like me.  I was wrong.  And I wish I would have known about Lorri and her team 3+ years ago.

Here is a video called “Natural Born Babies” made by SCM to tell you a little bit more about what they do.  I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more posts as we learn more!

Natural Born Babies from daniel fairbanks on Vimeo.


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