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A New Trend?

This week on KPCC(SoCal’s local NPR Station) they showcased a fascinating look into “The Birth of a New Career” by exploring the world of what it is to be a doula and what it means to the community we serve.  It is amazing and inspiring to hear something so near and dear to us could potentially be a trend…if so, bring it on!  Check out the link and audio: “The Birth of a New Career”

Thanks Dolores Salman for tipping us off to tune into the broadcast!  Love ya!




Upcoming Class

We are thrilled to announce two Breastfeeding 101 classes coming up this month in the Southland!  The first will be in South Orange County (Lake Forest) on the 13th and is geared toward training doula’s about the ins and outs of breastfeeding and how to educate and support their clients through the process.

The second will be in Los Angeles (Culver City) on July 25th for a group of expectant mommies…we can’t wait to meet each of them, their partners, and babies (in utero, that is!).

This has been an exciting week for us getting the website “off the ground” and we look forward to blogging about all types of topics soon!